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After years of working as designer and illustrator, I decided to open my own school to offer my experience and knowledge to those wanting to learn with me. With more than +3k students enrolled in my classes and I hope you join us! I will be crafting new classes and offer them in this School in order to being able to offer the best experience for you all.

Meet Your Instructor

Isabel Aracama

Hello! I've been a designer & illustrator for +20 years working all over the world onsite and for the last years, remotely as a freelancer. I'm a BFA (UPV, Spain) and Science Illustration specialist (UA, Portugal). Specialised in digital art I have a knack for vector drawing and teach both offline (UA, Portugal) and online about illustration and design. I also write articles, tutorials and enjoy talking all things illustration. And always remember that ... "Every expert was once a beginner!" - Isabel.

What Students Say About Classes

A Selection of Former Students' Reviews

"Even if you have Affinity Workbook, you still need this class"

Lisa Hawkins

"If you are new to using the pen tool, or been using a vector program with the pen tool, take this amazing class! Isabel breaks down the features that make complex lines, and nodes easy to learn. She gives precise information without glossing over important information so that you can learn how to use this important tool and make your artwork come alive. Even if you have Affinity Workbook, you still need this class to learn in real time. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!"

"By far the best class I have taken to date"

Ami Makin

"Incredibly engaging teacher with easily accessible and actionable activities, guided with your hand held step by step. Isabel has a clear passion for vector illustration and teaching, and was really quick to reply to my discussion. Really happy that I took this course, I have gone from no experience of Affinity Designer whatsoever to feeling incredibly comfortable with the pen tool. I would recommend if you take this course to take your time and go over the activity lessons more than once - it was a massive help to me. Thank you so much Isabel!"

"Nothing less than top-notch quality""

Loco Viajero

"I have watched Isabel's tutorials on YouTube, so honestly, I knew what to expect: Nothing less than top-notch quality, with personality. I have been playing with affinity designer for months already, but I had hoped to learn why I was still not confident with the pen tool. As well as reviewing and solidifying things I have learned before, this course gave me new things to think about when adding nodes, which will help me from here on out.

"Terrific discovery when I was looking for help understanding the Pen Tool"

George Archambault

"Isabel's explanation, and the choice of that detailed fox drawing as a training aid, helped dissolve years of confusion for me. Well done!"

"This class exceeded my expectations!"


"She's a very good teacher, I got cleared most of the doubts using pen tool. Got to know some new things too , thank you so much ma'am!!!"

"This class showed me things I never thought I would learn to do"

Neal Erickson

"After dabbling in Illustrator and Affinity Designer for years I've never taken the time to learn the pen tool. This was great and showed me things I never thought I would learn to do."

"Great course if you want to rapidly get up to speed with drawing in Affinity Designer""

Lynda Schemansky

"Very helpful. Not just the basics of the pen tool, but also the subtle and powerful details of the node tool and snapping options. Great course if you want to rapidly get up to speed with drawing in Affinity Designer - whether you are new to vector drawing or an old Adobe Illustrator pro who is switching to Affinity. Videos use the desk top version but reapply very easily to the iPad version. Excellent teacher too!"