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Created in Affinity Designer, the techniques presented here are universal to any other vector software in the market such as Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Gravit or Corel Draw. This class is rated 9.1/10 - TOP 10% of 94,680 courses by 

For intermediate and advanced users who have familiarity with layers, masking, effects, transparencies, gradients and boolean operations (subtract, add, combine, intersect, divide).
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Intermediate / Advanced Class

Read about the prerequisites before you take this class

  • You need to be familiar with:

    Layers management, pen tool, masking, effects, transparencies, gradients and boolean operations (subtract, add, combine, intersect, divide).

  • Affinity Designer

    This course has been created with Affinity Designer in mind (any version). However, is you are familiar with any other vector software and meet the prerequisites, you will be able to apply the same techniques no matter what your tool of choice is.

Students' Gallery

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This is a project oriented class. As such, you are expected to follow along as we create the final artwork together. Here are some examples of the many students have created. You are welcome to either create the same project I propose, or any other car of your liking. 

For more examples, click here.

Course curriculum

  • Multiplatform Compatible

    Mac and Windows compatible but also many students have successfully taken this class using the iPad version as the use of the Pen tool differs mainly in the fact that you won't use a mouse, but a stylus.

  • Closed Captions (English)

    Accessible class so you can easily follow along should you need closed captions.

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    Pay safely with the different methods offered. You can use a card or if you prefer it you can also use Paypal.

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    Join the group where all your questions and doubts about this class or any other illustration related matters will be solved.

  • Study at Your Pace

    Take all the time you need. Watch a lesson and come back to it whenever you need to. There's no hurry!

  • Student Success

    Almost 1k students have already learnt with this class. Read their reviews and become one of them.

What students say about this class

"Everything was a big mystery to me but through this course I was able to learn a lot in such a short space of time"

Tinashe Yadley Nyangombe

"I have nothing but the utmost respect for Isabel, what a design guru she is. When I first came across Affinity Designer, I really felt like a monkey trying to open a suitcase. From color balance, proportion, good stroke management, Boolean operations and much more, this course is steadily paced and the instructions are concise too. Did I mention how clear the sound is? At the same time, the way Isabel delivers this course presents plenty of opportunities to work through. Also, she is very responsive to questions and is always polite. I highly recommend this course."

"The course is worth every penny!"

Paul Dutch

"Fantastic course! I went into this not knowing how to create this level of artwork and have come out of it having produced something I’m really proud of - and have picked up lots of confidence with tools and techniques along the way. I love how Isabel starts by showing you techniques in detail and then as the course progresses, allows you to experiment for yourself and find your own ways to create elements using what you have learned. The course is worth every penny!"

" Every time that I tried to draw anything, I became frustrated and just gave up, but not this time."

Scott Becker

" Isabel is a great teacher! She is very systematic and builds your skills from the ground up which is what I needed. She also has a positive attitude and that makes her classes fun which is something else that I needed. I think it is her positive attitude that kept me from giving up. I actually found Isabel's classes because I was so new that I needed to learn how to use the pen tool of which she has an excellent class. Now I am having a great time drawing my favorite thing - cars!"

"A whole new way of seeing complex shapes and re-creating them."

Marc Cardwell

"I learned so much about Affinity Designer, and a whole new way of seeing complex shapes and re-creating them. The instructor has a gift for making this seem easy, she has a great sense of humor and revealed some tips and secrets for this type of photo-real illustration."

"This has given me a lot to work with and I am already finding new ways to incorporate my other art skills with it"

Sean Murphy

"Very informative course with a lot of practice to drive home the main points. She shows clearly how to use different vector shapes in a soft way as a type of 'paint stroke' rather than a harsh shape. This has given me a lot to work with and I am already finding new ways to incorporate my other art skills with it."

"I have a far better understanding of Affinity Designer now "

Debra Whelan

"Excellent instructions were provided for this course. It took a long time for ME to complete, but I have a far better understanding of Affinity Designer now. I am looking forward to seeing additional courses from Isabel in the future. She is witty, entertaining and speaks clearly to her audience. Thanks Isabel."

"Wow, Isabel is a passionate person both for teaching and design"

Fëanor Noldor

"After finishing the course I realized that she is not only passionate, but she does indeed know her businesses. I recommend this course for anyone really interested in learning realistic vector drawing. Isabel would provide you with a solid foundations to start building your skills on it."

Meet your instructor

Isabel Aracama

Hello! I've been a designer & illustrator for +20 years working all over the world onsite and for the last years, remotely as a freelancer. I'm a BFA (UPV, Spain) and Science Illustration specialist (UA, Portugal). Specialised in digital art I have a knack for vector drawing and teach both offline (UA, Portugal) and online about illustration and design. I also write articles, tutorials and enjoy talking all things illustration. And always remember that ... "Every expert was once a beginner!" - Isabel.